Building Advisory Groups for Your Organization

Organizations are not made in a vacuum. They are born and grow inside a community of meaningful connections to individuals and other organizations that enable them to develop and flourish. At times, controlling part of the network and turning it to the business’s benefit is a more than worthwhile endeavor: this is when advisory groups are created. Advisory groups are Individuals and/or groups of people that result in the establishment, maintenance and growth of an organization. Advisory groups are a part of the organizational structure, yet separated from its membership. They are somewhat between the function of an outside consultancy and an internal auditing group, in their own impartial, yet affectionate, approach to the organization’s issues. They are typically characterized by the range of its members’ peculiar expertise in organizational issues and/or from the business’s core activities. They are officially and isolated from the business, but they still contribute to it by providing insight and guidance.

internal auditing group

The most common Denominations of these advisory groups all center on the word advise. In a few other cases, the notion of advisory board overlaps with the idea of board of supervisors: in these situations, the effect of the advisers is higher than the one they’d have as another advisory board by themselves, although they are still not those directly handling the organization, a duty that falls rather in the hands of one person nominated by the board of directors. Separating the desmond teo yen koon concepts of advising and directing explains each team’s role within an organization and that is the reason why, in the remainder of the report, we will consider advisory groups as a distinct entity of their own, neither overlapping nor connected together with any other organizational structure.

One of them, most significant are:

  • Experience: the individuals involved are usually experts in their field and can provide invaluable counsel on certain issues, when these issues are confronted by the organization or the organization’s management team, be it about strategy, crisis management, or anything else associated with a nonprofit is core activities
  • Accountability/self-discipline: reporting to a board of advisers gives to a company the capacity to account for its activities to an outside body that is not concerned with a specific aspect of the organization, but instead to the organization as a whole; certain, relations with customers/users/members/donors are significant, but they all are just a portion of the big picture: an advisory group is just like Snow White’s mirror, it reflects what it sees, with an impartial conclusion.

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