Do not make any deductions in the salary of the maids

The salary of the FDW will be released promptly by the employers. The proper medical cover should be provided to the maid for the purpose of the medical treatment. The employer will include the medical and dental care in the FDW of the maid. The transfer maid will get her full salary without any deductions for the non-performance. The Srilankan maids will definitely fulfill the responsibilities of the employers. The FDW salary will not be deducted if there are any utensils broken at your home. The complete salary should be paid to the maid without making any deductions. The expenses for the accommodation and food should be paid completely from the pocket of the employers.

transfer maid


Salary of the maid:

You must ensure to pay the complete salary as per the agreement. It is mandatory for all the FDW’s to follow all the guidelines which are specified by the ministry of manpower. The maid should receive the salary from the employer before 7th of every month. The maids must ensure to fulfill the responsibilities of the employers. The salary should be given for the transfer maid with the additional amount if they have worked on the rest day and you should compensate it with the full salary. The pay for the FDW will be only once in a month by the employers. If you want your maid to work even on the rest days then you should have a mutual agreement.

Best services in the agencies:

The rules which are specified by the maid agencies will not have any exceptions. The FDW rules have stated that the maid should have at least one rest day in a week. The guidelines to the employees are specified by the ministry of the manpower. The domestic workers who are hired in the first place in Singapore are offered with the best services. The employer must ensure that the maid will not engage in any type of work during the rest days. It is called an illegal activity if any of the employees will make use of the FDW work. You will have a chance to work as an FDW only if you are a domestic worker.

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